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Mon Valley Business Resource Center is launched in Monongahela, PA

John Montgomery, President and CEO of Community Bank and Ben Brown, CEO of the Mon Valley Alliance and Mon Valley Alliance Foundation


The Mon Valley Alliance Foundation, in conjunction with Community Bank and the Washington County Community Foundation have announced the creation of the Mon Valley Business Resource Center.

The BRC will provide a modern, functional space in the Mon Valley Region for businesses to engage with nonprofit, educational and government services providers, serving as a central hub for new business development, ongoing training, support, and incubation for new and growing businesses in the Region, as well as hosting the offices for the MVA & MVAF.

Located in the heart of downtown Monongahela on a public transportation route, the BRC will also allow for the renovation of a blighted property (former 1970s bank branch) and help to further the redevelopment of one of our Region’s historic downtowns.

The MVAF will oversee the facility, providing scheduling, programing, and administrative services. Partner organizations will have no cost access for meetings, group presentations, training sessions, drop in offices and business support services (copying, mailing, etc.).

The establishment of the BRC was made possible by Community Bank and the Washington County Community Foundation, 2 partners to the success of the Mon Valley.

Mon Valley Independent Article

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Observer Reporter Article

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