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Working in our Community

The Mon Valley Alliance Foundation (MVAF), when it was formed in 2016, made a part of its mission to be more involved in the communities it serves and to support shorter term projects that improve the quality of life for residents. Areas of focus include blight removal, park and recreational development, river accessibility, and working with local municipalities to find efficiencies in governance.


The former Charleroi Area High School Stadium was demolished in 2018. With over 4 acres of riverfront property now available for development, we are working on plans to create recreational space, expand the Charleroi Boat Launch, and install additional public amenities to the area.


Town to Town Mini Grants are awarded to local nonprofits or a community group partnered with a local nonprofit for a project that helps our residents enjoy a higher quality of life.

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The Mon Valley Alliance Foundation, the Greater Charleroi Community Development Corporation, and several nonprofits and business partners announced a six-year plan that will drive $1.5 million into Charleroi for community improvement projects and social services.

Teacher Resources

Solutions and resources available to Mon Valley communities. Click for regional resources and local county resources for community development and enrichment.

Support & Community Funding

MVAF is able to help our businesses and communities with your charitable donations to funds that give you the opportunity to direct community development in a new, unique way. With your fully tax-deductible contribution to the Mon Valley Community Development Fund, you will help fund projects that improve our communities. We appreciate your dedication to improving the Mon Valley.

The purpose of this fund is to provide ongoing capital support for economic and community development projects that attract business to the communities of the Mid Mon Valley and provide public amenities that improve the quality of life for our communities.

Projects may include acquisition of buildings and land, site preparation or demolition, creation or improvement of public spaces, development projects, and matching funds for federal, state, or local grant programs. The fund will also facilitate regional level planning initiatives for the betterment of the Mid Mon Valley.

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