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Regional and Local Resources

Financing Resources

The Mon Valley Alliance is your local partner and can assist you in defining available financing opportunities for expansion, construction, equipment renovation, or other activity in the Mid Mon Valley. We work closely with Pennsylvania state government programs, commercial banks, as well as grant opportunities from Federal, Local, and private sources.


assists underserved populations by providing capital and education to ignite business and job growth, to develop communities, to support entrepreneurs, and to expand vital services that strengthen our region.

provides advice, assistance, and support to businesses on selling products and services to government agencies and prime contractors.

provides a leadership forum for the business community of the Mid Mon Valley region by offering education, networking, and advocacy to its membership.

seeks to promote the growth and continued success of the region’s business community.

the cooperative forum for regional collaboration, planning, and public decision-making.

provides financing and business coaching to help grow businesses and create jobs for the region. 

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