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Mon Valley Alliance and cfsbank end 2021 with $1,500 in donations to local organizations

Monongahela Area Historical Society, The Monessen Salvation Army, and Village of FPC are awarded grant funding


Pictured, from left: Kelly Jo Ellin, MVA Office Manager; Laura Magone, Monongahela Area Historical Society Board Member; Nicole Durie, cfsbank Charleroi branch Manager; Ray Mosco, cfsbank Business Development Office

The Mon Valley Alliance recently awarded the Monongahela Area Historical Society a $500 grant to assist in hosting “History is Fun” days at the Longwell House to instill hometown pride in our youngest residents and teach them about the history and heritage of the town.

The Monongahela Area Historical Society is a nonprofit organization that works to preserve Monongahela’s history and improve the local community, while promoting tourism and economic development for the area. The organization is currently located in the Longwell House on West Main Street in Monongahela’s historical district, they have owned the house for two years and will be celebrating its 150th birthday next year. The Longwell House is listed on the National Historical Registry and is actively being restored to its original state. Donation opportunities will be coming soon to support the restoration and upcoming events, for more information visit

Pictured, from left: Nicole Durie, cfsbank Charleroi branch Manager; Kelly Jo Ellin, MVA Office Manager; Susan Thwaite, Salvation Army Monessen Corps Captains; Gina C. Lynn, MVA Board Member

The Mon Valley Alliance recently awarded The Monessen Salvation Army a $500 grant to purchase hygiene products for low-income teens and college students in the Mon Valley.

The Monessen Salvation Army is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to meet human needs without discrimination, as an international movement with an evangelical part of the universal Christian Church. They help the Mon Valley area by hosting food pantries, toy drives, weekly church services, and many community activities. They are accepting any hygiene product donations that can be dropped off to 9:30-5 at the Monessen headquarters on the corner of 3rd and Shoemaker. For more information call (724) 684-4282 or visit

Pictured, from left: Gina C. Lynn, MVA Board Member; Nicole Durie, cfsbank Charleroi branch Manager; Cherie Sears, The Village; Ashley Roth, The Village; Kelly Jo Ellin, MVA Office Manager

The Mon Valley Alliance recently granted the Village of FPC a $500 grant to help purchase electronic tablets for the village site teachers.

The Village is a nonprofit childcare and preschool located in California, PA. The Village provides free preschool to single parents who are enrolled full time in an educational program that will enable them to find better employment and better means to support their children. Being accredited by the National Association for the Education of Young Children, The Village is one of the highest quality preschools in America. This grant will help provide the teachers with tablets to document child learning and provide assessment reports while also allowing the teachers to provide daily reports to the families and communicate with the parents. For more information call(724) 330-5525 or visit


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