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Mon Valley Alliance and cfsbank end 2021 with $1,500 in donations to local organizations

Monongahela Area Historical Society, The Monessen Salvation Army, and Village of FPC are awarded grant funding


Pictured, from left: Kelly Jo Ellin, MVA Office Manager; Laura Magone, Monongahela Area Historical Society Board Member; Nicole Durie, cfsbank Charleroi branch Manager; Ray Mosco, cfsbank Business Development Office

The Mon Valley Alliance recently awarded the Monongahela Area Historical Society a $500 grant to assist in hosting “History is Fun” days at the Longwell House to instill hometown pride in our youngest residents and teach them about the history and heritage of the town.

The Monongahela Area Historical Society is a nonprofit organization that works to preserve Monongahela’s history and improve the local community, while promoting tourism and economic development for the area. The organization is currently located in the Longwell House on West Main Street in Monongahela’s historical district, they have owned the house for two years and will be celebrating its 150th birthday next year. The Longwell House is listed on the National Historical Registry and is actively being restored to its original state. Donation opportunities will be coming soon