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The Mid Mon Valley Regional Enterprise Zone (MMVREZ) is a 14 member community enterprise zone program certified under the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania’s Enterprise Zone Program. Businesses located in the target areas can qualify for low-interest loans, special consideration under state grant programs, and tax credits.


NOTE: Only certain areas that are zoned for Industrial/ Commercial use are included in the Zone. Please click on the name of the municipality to see the map of the Zone within the community.

Benefits to Business

The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Enterprise Zone program provides a number of advantages for qualifying businesses located within enterprise zones or those seeking to locate within an Enterprise Zone (EZ).

  • Priority consideration for other Pennsylvania Department of Community and Economic Development (DCED) grants and loan funds.

  • Eligible to apply for competitive low-interest loans for rehabilitation, expansion, improvement to a building(s), improvement to land, engineering, architecture, or acquisition.

  • The lowest statewide prevailing interest rates on DCED business development loan programs.

  • Eligible to apply for up to a 25% tax credit applied to up to $500,000 of the cost of building construction, expansion, or improvements.

  • Designation as Socially and Economically Restricted Businesses to confer advantage in bidding on state government contracts.

Qualifying businesses are private companies, including agricultural, industrial, manufacturing, or research and development enterprises (real estate developers) within Pennsylvania. Qualifying businesses include any enterprise defined by the Pennsylvania Industrial Development Authority Act or the Pennsylvania Economic Development Financing Law. Employment opportunities need be created for low-income individuals located in the zone.

Let's Work Together

MVA is available to assist you with more information and application assistance.

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