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Jamie Colecchi named CEO Mary Stollar named Director of Real Estate & Economic Development

John Easoz, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Mon Valley Alliance and Mon Valley Alliance Foundation, announced the appointment of Jamie Colecchi as the new Chief Executive Officer and Mary Stollar as Director of Real Estate and Economic Development.

Colecchi joined the Alliance in 2020 as Director of Operations & Development, a key role to support the growth and development of the organization. He was instrumental in the development and management of the Mid-Mon Valley Regional Enterprise Zone, microloan program and achieving significant success on grant funded projects in the region among many other activities.

Prior to joining the Alliance, Colecchi spent a 15+ year career at the Southwest Pennsylvania Commission, developing and managing two regional economic development programs: ENGAGE! (Retention & Expansion) and SW PREP (Partnerships for Regional Economic Performance), supporting legislative advocacy of regional priority projects, and providing expert level advice to businesses related to government contracting. His policy work with public officials, advocacy for the region, and business assistance expertise has resulted in numerous awards, job creation and new business development in the area.