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Blight removal continues in Charleroi, PA

Charleroi, PA, September 17th, 2019


The Mon Valley Alliance (MVA), owner of the blighted Coyle building in Charleroi, PA, rejected two offers to purchase the property for lack of funding and no evidence to support the ability to renovate or restore the structure, among other items.

“Mobilization has occurred on the demolition contract and the removal of the structure is continuing forward. Environmental remediation is complete and the building demolition, preparation of the lot, and marketing/sale of the property for new development is in process” according to Ben Brown, CEO of the MVA. This substantial investment is being made with MVA’s internal funds and no public monies are being used.

The two offers received to purchase the Coyle Properties were structurally deficient and specifically did not address the following requirements:

  1. Refusal to enter into a Non-Disclosure Agreement.

  2. Lack of a business plan outlining a sustainable operation for the property.

  3. No evidence provided of funding available, committed, or a plan to raise the funding necessary to complete a renovation/restoration of the property.

  4. No evidence provided of competency to complete a renovation/restoration of the property.

  5. Absence of escrow funds submitted to apply toward demolition contract termination.

  6. Refusal to agree to Deed Restrictions requested by Mon Valley Alliance to ensure that the renovation/restoration is completed within a reasonable timeframe.

The direct public support for these offers, while appreciated, was not significant with only one phone call and a handful of emails. As such, we believe the overwhelming majo