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Mon Valley Alliance recommended for Local Share Account award

Funds to be used to demolish old Charleroi Football Stadium and prepare the site for development of a park and public space


Charleroi, PA, December 15, 2016 – The Mon Valley Alliance (MVA) announced today that the Local Share Account Review Board has recommended an award of $252,000 to support the Charleroi Renaissance Phase 1 project, which would demolish the former Charleroi Football Stadium and prepare the site for a riverfront park.

The project is the result of broad community support and is the signature initiative of five municipalities that joined together to develop a Multi-Municipal Comprehensive Plan, a project also made possible by a previous LSA grant.

As part of this planning, Charleroi, Fallowfield Township, North Charleroi, Speers and Twilight Borough chose to support this singular initiative for this year’s LSA Application. It is their belief that taking underutilized and public safety hazards and transforming them into the attraction of a riverfront park will benefit the residents of all five municipalities and create a draw for visitors to the area.

“Today’s announcement is a big win for the municipalities and reward for the cooperation and vision that they have shown as part of the planning process,” said Christopher Whitlatch, CEO of MVA. “We are honored that they have entrusted the project to MVA as the conduit and we will continue to work in partnership with the school district and the municipalities to realize this vision.”

The idea behind the Charleroi Renaissance Phase 1 project is to open up the riverfront as a public amenity and reconnect it to the downtown shopping district to support business growth.

The property has been underutilized for many years and sits adjacent to the Charleroi Boat Launch. “By opening up the riverfront to more recreational opportunities, we can bring more residents and visitors to the area, increasing the use of the launch as well,” said Whitlatch.

In addition to the riverfront access, the project’s plan is to create an attraction area for multi-use events, a recreation area for children and adults as well as seasonal/commercial area to encourage year-round attractions as well as the environment to incubate small businesses in the area.

The Local Share Account award will provide for demolition of the former Stadium and preparation of the site. Charleroi Borough is working with a grant provided by the Washington County Redevelopment Authority to demolish the former Atlas Building, which has become a public safety hazard, adjacent to the site. “With the combination of the two properties, we can create a new gateway to the ‘Magic City’,” said Whitlatch.

“This project will be a shining example of how we can accomplish more together as well as the value of the Local Share Account program. We are truly thankful to the committee for their consideration and hope that our legislators look to Washington County as the model for the Local Share Account program’s impact, which has allowed all of our communities to take part in the prosperity and growth of the county.”

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