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MVAF Microloan Program Provide Funding for Building Renovation and New Business Opening in Charleroi

Left to Right: Jamie Colecchi, Director of Operations, Mon Valley Alliance Foundation; Michael Madigan, Owner, Jett & Sons.

Charleroi, PA, January 19, 2022 – The open sign is on at Charleroi’s newest restaurant, Jett & Sons, a space aged themed experience located at 437 McKean Avenue, at the corner of 5th and McKean in downtown Charleroi.

Jett & Sons, the world’s first metaverse café, is the latest venture for serial food entrepreneur, Michael Madigan, a long-time fixture in the Valley’s food space. From his onsite catering brands that include Snails & Quails, Caravan Carnivorous Connoisseurs, and Surf on Turf, to the entertaining and always moving Vagabond Taco Truck, Madigan has a gift of combining taste, quality, and a unique experience in his dining creations.

The future plans for Jett & Sons are to not only operate as restaurant but include a virtual meeting and gaming destination on the second and third floors of the building. Small glimpses of the virtual world are on display in the restaurant in the décor and the first robots are beginning to be installed and programmed as well.

Funding for the project was provided by the Mon Valley Alliance Foundation’s (MVAF) Microloan program, designed to help small businesses create and retain jobs, renovate downtown buildings, and encourage economic development in the Mon Valley.

“This is a fantastic project for the MVAF with the results of not only creating a new restaurant in Charleroi but also reactivating a vacant building in the heart of the downtown commercial district.” said Ben Brown, CEO of the Mon Valley Alliance Foundation.

Madigan is excited for his new venture in 2022, and beyond, stating “partnering with the Mon Valley Alliance Foundation was the key to the opening of the restaurant and renovations to the building. They understood my vision for the business and space and have worked with me to see this dream become a reality.”

Jett & Sons is currently open for lunch, Monday through Fridays from 10:30am – 2:30pm. More information can be found on the website at

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