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MVAF Microloan Program Provide Funding for Building Renovation and New Business Opening in Charleroi

Left to Right: Jamie Colecchi, Director of Operations, Mon Valley Alliance Foundation; Michael Madigan, Owner, Jett & Sons.

Charleroi, PA, January 19, 2022 – The open sign is on at Charleroi’s newest restaurant, Jett & Sons, a space aged themed experience located at 437 McKean Avenue, at the corner of 5th and McKean in downtown Charleroi.

Jett & Sons, the world’s first metaverse café, is the latest venture for serial food entrepreneur, Michael Madigan, a long-time fixture in the Valley’s food space. From his onsite catering brands that include Snails & Quails, Caravan Carnivorous Connoisseurs, and Surf on Turf, to the entertaining and always moving Vagabond Taco Truck, Madigan has a gift of combining taste, quality, and a unique experience in his dining creations.