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Pre-Application for the REZ Revolving Loan Fund

 Please complete the Pre-Application below for review so a staff member of the MVA can determine your eligibility for the program.

        Any questions, please contact Madison Codeluppi at or (724) 565-5637

        Once the Pre-Application is submitted, a staff member of the Mon Valley Alliance will contact you as soon as possible.

Is this your Business Location
Does the company have a business plan?
Upload File

Are you a Socially & Economically Disadvantaged Individual- owned business? Select all that apply:

Individuals who have had their access to credit on reasonable terms deminished as compared to others in comparable economic circumstances, due to their:
Does the company have capital available to support the project?
Are you working with a bank or other lenders on this project?

Under Federal and State guidelines, a 1:1 MATCH IS REQUIRED for all loans

Do you have matching funds in place?
If no, do you have plans for matching funds
Please indicate the strength of your credit score
Please indicate proposed term length of loan (up to 7 years)

Thanks for submitting the REZ Revolving Loan Fund Pre-Application!

We will review your application and contact you soon.

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