The Mon Valley Alliance partners with additional organizations to help our area businesses get the resources and support they need to thrive.


Bridgeway Capital –  assists underserved populations by providing capital and education to ignite business and job growth, to develop communities, to support entrepreneurs and to expand vital services that strengthen our region.

Government Agency Coordination Office (GACO) – provides advice, assistance and support to businesses on selling products and services to government agencies and prime contractors.

Mon Valley Regional Chamber of Commerce – provides a leadership forum for the business community of the Mid Mon Valley region by offering education, networking and advocacy to its membership.

Monongahela Area Chamber of Commerce – seeks to promote the growth and continued success of the region’s business community.

Southwestern Pennsylvania Commission (SPC) – the cooperative forum for regional collaboration, planning, and public decision-making.

The Progress Fund –  provides financing and business coaching to help grow businesses and create jobs for the region. 


Fayette County Chamber of Commerce – provides leadership and support for local businesses and their efforts to improve the local economy, education systems, political environment, and overall quality of life.

Fay-Penn Economic Development Council – provides comprehensive business development services through staff or partners to make clients more competitive in a global marketplace. 

Fayette County Planning Commission – Conducts public hearings on requests for subdivisions and land use applications, recommends to the Commissioners approval and denial on rezoning applications.


Greene County Industrial Development Authority (GCIDA) – offers financial assistance through loan programs, as well as technical assistance by working with federal/state legislators and development partners to further expand business opportunities throughout the county. 

Greene County Planning Commission – offers mapping of the county, review of land development and subdivisions, orderly development of land, provides comprehensive information to developers and the general public, and administers the tax abatement program. 


Redevelopment Authority of the County of Washington (RACW) – administers the Federal Community Development Block Grant, Home Investment Partnerships, Local Share Account Program and manages the Washington County Airport for the County of Washington.

Washington County Chamber of Commerce – has grown into the largest business association in Washington County and is the second largest Chamber of Commerce in Southwestern Pennsylvania.

Washington County Community Foundation (WCCF) – improves the quality of life in Washington County by promoting and facilitating philanthropy.

Washington County Council on Economic Development (WCCED) – addresses poverty by provision of loans, land and business technical assistance to entrepreneurs and small businesses that will create jobs in our region.

Washington County Planning Commission – provides mapping of the county, review of land development and subdivisions, and orderly development of land. Also maintains population/demographic data for the county and comprehensive information to potential developers and the general public.


Community Foundation of Westmoreland County (CFWC) – encourages local residents to become philanthropists, provides grants that support a wide variety of charitable organizations, and serves as a community leader.

Westmoreland County Industrial Development Corporation (WCIDC) – committed to supporting economic development efforts as the primary marketing agent for Westmoreland County.

Westmoreland County Planning Division – prepares and implements the county’s comprehensive plan; monitors, advises, supports and lobbies for transportation projects; administers land use regulations.