The Mid Mon Valley Council of Governments (COG) has begun operations.

A COG, or Council of Governments, is a collaborative group of Governmental Bodies that share cost-saving services, such as:

  • Group Purchasing
  • Comprehensive Planning
  • Zoning/Code Enforcement
  • Blight Strategies
  • Grant Administration
  • Municipal Management
  • Land Banking

What is required to join?

1.     An ordinance passed by your municipality.

How is the COG administered?

Each community will select a primary and alternate member to the General Assembly. The General Assembly will then elect an Executive Committee from its membership. Meeting dates for both groups will be determined.

The Executive Committee will direct the day to day staff on the projects, initiatives and priorities of the members.

Who handles the day to day activities?

The COG will be staffed by direct employees and consultants that specialize in the projects and needs of the COG members. They are available on a daily basis to initiate projects, consult on issues, answer questions and service the needs of the COG.

The key activity will be to obtain savings for our members via group purchasing of common items such as salt, paving, office supplies, insurance and any other needs of the COG membership.

Your day to day contact person is Ben Brown. Ben can be reached at 724-565-5641 or

With this and other initiatives MVA is committed to helping our local governments establish efficiencies and develop community led projects with a regional focus.