The Coyle Theater is an anchor of the Charleroi business district. It has sat empty for many years and recently leaks in the roof has caused significant damage. A court approved the sale of the building to MVA in December 2016.

Our next step in determining the reclamation of this property is to conduct a structure engineering study. This study will determine the work necessary as well as begin to associate costs with the work necessary.

As this study is conducted, MVA will also host several sessions where the community can give feedback on their ideas for this area.  Taking both of these in account, MVA will determine the best course of action to take this years as we look to redevelop the area in support of local businesses and to the benefit of the residents.

It is our hope that this site will again be an anchor for local business, attract visitors and be sustainable with multiple uses.

If you were unable to join us at the community event on March 9th, below are photos of the inside of the Coyle Theater. We welcome your feedback via our contact form, regarding your ideas for how this property can benefit Charleroi.