Monongahela Valley Hospital – Citizens Funding Drive

  Given the impact of COVID-19, the Monongahela Valley Hospital needs our help. Please see below for ways you can help support our local Health Care workers. Citizens Drive for Monongahela Valley Hospital Monongahela Valley Hospital Foundation Website  

$7,500 in Grants awarded to California, Donora & North Charleroi Boroughs

The Mon Valley Alliance Foundation, with support from the First Energy Foundation, recently awarded $2,500 to California Borough, Donora Borough and North Charleroi Borough.

Historical Preservation Fund

The purpose of this fund is to provide funding for historical preservation activities in the Mon Valley. Projects may include building or property acquisition, restoration or recovery, promotional materials or to provide matching funds for federal, state and local grant opportunities.

Entrepreneurship and Incubation Fund

The purpose of this fund is to provide capital through a revolving loan fund for entrepreneurs and startups in the Mon Valley as well as funding for infrastructure to attract startups to the area. Projects may include co-working or incubation spaces, cooperative formation, training, promotion or other activities. In addition, the fund will make program […]

The Mon Valley Community Development Fund

The purpose of this fund is to provide ongoing capital support for economic and community development projects that attract business to the communities of the Mid Mon Valley and provide public amenities that improve the quality of life for our communities. Projects may include acquisition of buildings and land, site preparation or demolition, creation or […]