The idea behind the project is to open up the riverfront as a public amenity and reconnect it to the downtown shopping district to support business growth.

The property has been underutilized for many years and sits adjacent to the Charleroi Boat Launch. By opening up the riverfront to more recreational opportunities, we can bring more residents and visitors to the area, increasing the use of the launch as well. We are working closely with Mon River Towns, which will be installing a kayak launch on the site as well.

In addition to the riverfront access, we plan to create an attraction area for multi-use events, a recreation area for children and adults as well as seasonal/commercial area to encourage year-round attractions as well as the environment to incubate small businesses in the area.

We recently received a Local Share Account grant. This award will allow us to tear down the old stadium, level the area for development and remove any environmental issues from the site.  This work is planned to begin in late summer 2017.

Stay tuned, MVA is planning a farewell barbecue to give you a chance to share memories of the stadium, give us new ideas for the community park and possibly have a final tour of the facility.